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There are many treatment approaches to the remediation of fluency disorders.  Some clinicians align themselves with a particular treatment method to the exclusion of other options.  Stuttering-Treatment prefers to address the disorder as a multi-faceted communication impairment that seldom lends itself to one rigid method.  Clients come to therapy with a variety of overt physiological symptoms as well as social and emotional components that do not lend themselves to a cook book approach. 

The approach of Stuttering-Treatment is eclectic, utilizing the research and treatment methods of many professionals past and present.  We are learning more about the disorder of stuttering daily, including non-traditional approaches.  It is the philosophy of Stuttering-Treatment to evaluate the particular needs of each client individually before implementing a treatment plan.  Many factors are involved in the assessment of what treatment approach may be best for each client.  They include the age and stuttering severity of the client, level of stuttering awareness, treatment history, motivation to implement change, and client goals to name a few.

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